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Colour and Composition  - $89.00

How do we arrange the colours, values, edges, lines and shapes on our page to attract the viewer’s attention and engage their eye in a visual dance with our paintings? That is what composition is all about.

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Birches and Crimson Maples - Demonstration Painting - $89.00

Join Tim Packer as he creates one of his signature paintings featuring birches and crimson maples.

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Editing Digital Photographs for Artists - $89.00

If you are a serious artist in the 21st Century, it is absolutely essential that you have a working knowledge of digital photography and in particular how to edit your digital images. Whether you are using digital images to paint from, for social media posts or to archive images of your paintings… digital images are a fact of life in the 21st Century.

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The Business of Being an Artist Webinar Video - $89.00

This is the recording of my webinar which had over 80 paying attendees. The 3 hour presentation is followed by 3 hours of Q & A.

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Becoming a Successful Artist Course Bundle - $995.00


  • Making a Decent Living as a Full Time Artist  - Reg $659.00
  • Colour and Composition Course - Reg $89.00
  • Editing Digital Photos for Artists - Reg $89.00
  • Birches and Crimson Maples Demonstration Video - Reg $89.00
  • Business of Being an Artist Webinar - Reg $89.00
  • 3 Months Free Hungry Artist Community - Reg $19/Month
  • All Future Professional Artist Courses

2 Upcoming:

  • Self Publishing For Artists - Reg $289.00
  • Creating Online Art Workshops - Reg $289.00

Full price with upcoming courses included: $1,650.00

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